Who Am I?

Like most people I am more than what I appear to be. I am a ER nurse, wife, geek, former ballerina and world traveler.

I have been extremely blessed in that I have been traveling most of my life. At first it was trips to my grandparents for Christmas and other holidays, then I started exploring the world. My first time out of the USA, other than Canada (which doesn’t count since I live 3 hours away from the border), was to Hong Kong for a week with my parents. At the time I didn’t truly appreciate the opportunity. However this experience did spark my love of travel. It wasn’t until my honeymoon to New Zealand that I realized I was infected with the travel bug.

There is no stopping me now!

Why Should You Read This Blog?

Unlike most other blogs I have read, I have not quit my job to travel the world for a year or more. I work as a nurse AND I travel.

Like most people, I take shorter trip. This means that the blog will be more applicable to the average traveler. However this blog will have useful information for all types of travelers.

I will provide you with the type of information a type A trekker really wants.

What Are My Plans?

My big goal that I was working towards was going to all seven continents by the time I am thirty! I completed this goal in 2018, and am now just working on exploring the rest of this gorgeous planet.

My other goal is to visit at least two new countries a year. So far I have managed to do this for 3 years.

     My current travel plans for 2019 include: Germany, Netherlands, and Croatia. But who knows, I might hit a few more countries too! I will also be exploring Austin, TX,  and hopefully Oregon as well.

Click here to see my Bucket list of places and activities I hope to experience!