South America

I hope the travel bug doesn’t bite too hard as you read my blog post all about South America. This large continent has lots to explore from mountains to sand dunes. I have only explore a small amount of this incredible continent.


In March of 2017 I went on the ultimate bucket-list trip: the Galapagos. In order to get to the Galapagos, you must travel through Ecuador- the Galapagos are part of Ecuador. Though the Galapagos are incredible, don’t forget to explore Ecuador!

  • The Galapagos: My post about one of my all time favorite travel experiences- the Galapagos! These islands off the coast of Ecuador are on most peoples bucket-list, and should definitely be on yours. If you want to see this incredible eco system, you aren’t stuck paying for the expensive cruises. You can explore these islands by island hopping off the main islands.