Below is a list of all the countries I have visited. Click on the highlighted countries to be taken to blogs I have written about the corresponding countries. 

Lets explore this beautiful world together!

North America

North America has so much to be explored! Let the travel bug bite as you check out all my blog post about this diverse continent. USA New York State: There is so much more to New York State (NYS) than just NYC! We have gorgeous mountains, rolling hills filled with wineries, and some of the… Continue reading North America

South America

I hope the travel bug doesn’t bite too hard as you read my blog post all about South America. This large continent has lots to explore from mountains to sand dunes. I have only explore a small amount of this incredible continent. Ecuador In March of 2017 I went on the ultimate bucket-list trip: the… Continue reading South America


Philippines In April of 2016 I went to the Philippines. This was a truly incredible experience! Some of my more memorable experiences include snorkeling with sea turtles off Apo Island, driving (and crashing) a moped for the first time, and spending an amazing night on an uninhabited island in Palawan.  The country is beautiful and… Continue reading Asia


Kenya Kenya is an incredible country with so many sights to see. Kenya is the home of the Maasai Mara, a gorgeous game reserve with some of the best wildebeest migrations in Africa. However, there is more to Kenya than just safaris. Make sure you explore this wonderful country!B Maasai Mara Photoblog: Photos are worth… Continue reading Africa


Here you will find all my European type a travel tips, itineraries and guides. So far I have visited Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.