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Antarctica Update: “Planning” My Most Unplanned Trip

(Updated 10/25/18)

    Hey! In case you haven’t heard or read, I am heading to Antarctica in less than a week. This is a big and exciting trip for two reasons:

One: It’s  ANTARCTICA!!!! Who doesn’t want to go there!?!?! Also it will be 7th continent. I can’t wait!

Two: it’s the least planned/ most last minute trip I have ever taken. I mean just look at my blog title! I am 100% a type a person, and normally like to have my trips planned to the T at least two months in advance. So this whole last minute planning has been stressful.

So how am I surviving?

I’m doing okay, much better now that the last minute deals on Antarctic cruises are getting posted. The months of Aug-early Oct were stressful! I would look at travel sites and all I would see were the booked cruises! Then I would imagine I would get all the way to Ushuaia (the end of the world) and I wouldn’t be able to find a single cruise to take me. However in the last couple of days last minute deals have started to pop up, and I am grateful I waited. I am currently looking at a cruise and if I book it I will save over $5,000! And that’s not for a small room I would share with strangers, but for a private cabin!

My current attempts of planning

I will try my best to keep you all updated on my plans and travels as I explore Antarctica and some of South America. And if any of you have recommendations for what else to see in Argentina let me know!


So in the last couple of days I having been rushing and finalizing plans! I am type a, I can’t help but plan a little bit… I booked one of the last minute cruise deals, and I will be heading to Antarctica on Nov 1st!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!!

Sneak Peak Into My Antarctica & Argentina Plans:

  • Explore Buenos Aires
  • Explore Ushuaia before and after the cruise
  • Antarctica!!!
  • Iguazu Falls
  • Hike Torres del Paines National Park (aka hike Patagonia)

Make sure you follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see how this adventure goes!


  -Teresa, the Type A Trekker

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