Reflecting on the Past and Looking to the Future:

   For the last couple of weeks I have been reflecting on my past year of travels and planning for what this year will bring…

   This last year has been a whirlwind, full of new cities, new countries and new continents. I went to four new countries: Ecuador, Honduras, Kenya and France and got two more continents under my belt: South America and Africa. On top of all my traveling I also started this blog! It was been a huge learning curve, and I still have more to work on. I am hoping to expand it even more and see just how far it will take me.


Travels 2017
2017 Travels

   My travels started in March, where I was able to go to a place that is on most people’s bucket list: the Galapagos! The islands are more amazing and beautiful than you would expect. I swam with turtles, sharks and marine iguanas. Shortly after I went on a medical mission trip to Honduras. I fell in love with the warm, welcoming community in the distant, hard to reach mountains of Honduras. Walking into people’s homes to help provide medical care was a unique experience that I wouldn’t exchange for the world. I also thoroughly enjoyed riding on the back of a pickup truck through rough and rocky roads to reach patients unable to make it to our clinic.  Then in October I went to Kenya, and Paris, France. While in Kenya I worked with another organization to provide care to the Oyugis community. This meant a 3 mile walk to and from clinic. We were able to diagnose well known diseases that I would not normally encounter back home like Elephantitis, and Malaria. After the mission, I spent about 2 days on safari in the Masai Mara seeing elephants, giraffes, zebras, lions, and cheetahs among other African animals. On my way home, I spent a couple days in Paris, exploring that beauty and history that the city had to offer. I also climbed a lot of steps to get to the top of various buildings, but the views were worth it.  I continued my adventures in the US, exploring more of Chicago, Pittsburgh and New York City, checking out St. Louis, seeing the solar eclipse in Nashville and climbing some of the mountains in the Adirondacks, NY and Colorado.

   The past year has been incredible, but 2018 is looking to be even better. I will be going to at least 3 new countries, and will be visiting my 7th continent (Antarctica). My trip to Antarctica I will be very Un-type-A. Cruises (the only way to explore the 7th continent) are very expensive, and last minute tickets are the cheapest way to explore the south pole. I will also be returning to Honduras in May on another medical mission. I am very excited to be working the Community Health Partnership Honduras again, and provide care of the people of La Florida. I will also be exploring even more of Chicago, since I will be visiting fairly frequently for meetings.  I am planing and epic holiday trip to New York City next December. I hope to share these plans with you before, so that you can have your own NYC experience. Who knows what else the year will bring!


What are your 2018 plans?

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