2017 Travel Plans

   It’s a new year so it’s time to start travelling again… I had originally planned to go back to the Philippines on a medical mission trip and vacation like I did last year, however my brother is getting married in the middle of the trip so my plans had to change. I was sad at first about not going back to the Philippines. I have friends there that I will miss, and I was looking forward to exploring new parts of the country. Looks like I will have to wait until 2018. Luckily new plans have emerged that I am very excited about!

2016-travels(Travels from 2016)

In March I am going to the Galapagos Islands with my travel bestie: Alison. I have already started to plan this trip and I am very excited! We will not be doing the traditional cruise of the islands, but instead we will be staying on the main islands and will do day island hopping tours from there. I don’t have it completely planned, but when I do I will share the itinerary with you.

In October I will be going to Kenya on a medical mission trip. After the mission trip some of my friends will be going to a beachy island (possibly the Seychelles) for a couple days of relaxation. I also hope to extend my layover in Amsterdam and visit some my friends I met in the Philippines who live there. I might also try to visit a friend in Dublin too. Who knows?!? If you couldn’t tell, this trip is not really planned at all, just an idea in my head. But don’t worry the idea will become a reality!

Assuming everything goes as planned, this year will get me two continents closer to seeing all seven, and get me at least 3 new countries!

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