Living in the United States of America it is easy to dream about gorgeous far away vacation all over the world and to forget about the beautiful sights right in your backyard (or in this massive country). America is a great country with some amazing sights, beautiful dynamic landscapes, yummy food, and interesting history.

Below you will find all my posts about my home country: the USA!

New York State:

There is so much more to New York State (NYS) than just NYC! We have gorgeous mountains, rolling hills filled with wineries, and some of the prettiest, most impressive waterfalls in the US. Definitely explore the bustling NYC, but try to spot by and see the rest NYS has to offer!

Saratoga Springs: I was recently in Saratoga Springs, NY for a conference and took advantage to explore this wonderful little city. Known for it’s hot springs, Saratoga Springs has become a vacation spot for not just city dwellers, but other residents of NYS. Spend your day at the horses races and your evenings wandering the quaint streets reminiscing of the 1800s while enjoy a great meal!.


Chasing Waterfalls in the Finger Lakes: Having grown up in Ithaca, NY (the heart of the Finger Lakes) I have hiked every waterfall in the area, at least once. This post tells you all about my favorite waterfalls to explore. Some are easier to get to than other, but all are worth a view!